Forest Township

Forest Township at a glance:

Forest Township is in the heart of the Minnesota lakes country near Itasca State Park and Park Rapids, MN.

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White Earth State forest land transfer:

At the 2024 Annual Township meeting the supervisors were requested by unanimous motion to develop a draft letter and contact list for people to use in protesting the proposed Minnesota legislation to transfer public land in the White Earth State Forest to the White Earth Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe. The transfer would affect access to private property and public recreation on the transferred land. Please feel free to use this draft to contact legislators and media with your views. The information is in both Word and pdf formats so that you can modify it to express your own views, if you wish. Note that the parts highlighted need to be re-written as they ought to be a personal touch

Draft Letter Protesting Land Transfer (.doc)Draft Letter Protesting Land Transfer (.pdf)WESF Land Transfer Contact List (.doc)WESF Land Transfer Contact List (.pdf)

Two largest lakes: Bad Medicine & Big Basswood

Other Lakes: Bass, Equay, Gardner, Kneebone, Little Basswood, Mallard, Missouri, Sockeye & Wahbegon

Total Area: 36 sq. miles; 32.4 sq. miles of land & 3.6 sq. miles of water

Population: 93 residents

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welcome to forest township

Those of us who own property here in Forest Township are committed to protect the unique qualities of the area that attracted us in the first place. Those include a diverse forest setting, pristine lakes with natural shorelines, clean air, and neighbors who have become friends. Please join us in preserving those qualities.

Website: - Please check out our website. It has a wealth of information about our township and several links to help you find what you need.

Services: Township dump/household garbage – Our dump is located on the south end of East Bad Medicine Road at the town hall. Only household garbage is allowed. PLEASE read the signs posted and/or check out the website if you are wondering what is allowed and when our Amnesty Days are for the year. If you need a key, call Barb Christiansen at 218-573-3931. We do have cameras and will fine for illegal dumping. Any questions, call Tim Holzkamm at 218-573-3442. (see back of page for dump information)

Roads: The roads that the township maintains are graded in the summer and plowed in the winter. Full maintenance roads are graded more in the summer than minimum maintenance roads. Plowing is done after 3 or more inches of snow and after the snow has stopped. If there is a snow storm coming, please plan accordingly. It could take a day or two to be plowed out. Questions about the roads, call Barb Christiansen at 218-573-3931.

Township Zoning: A little bit about Forest Township. According to our township ordinance, the township is divided into two districts- Shoreland District and Conservation District. The Shoreland District is described as the first tier of the riparian property and is measure from the OHWL (ordinary high water level) landward 267 feet on Recreational Development Lakes such as Bad Medicine and Bass Lakes (see Becker County Zoning Ordinance for classification list). For Natural Environment Lakes, such as Basswood Lake, the Shoreland District is described as the first tier of the riparian property and is measure from the OHWL (ordinary high water level) landward 400 feet. All lands beyond the Shoreland Districts fall within the Conservation District of Forest Township. All buildings in the Conservation District of Forest Township require a township building permit. The township ordinance, procedures and forms are posted on the township website under zoning. If you have any questions please call Lynn Lindow at 218-573-3765. In addition, all buildings, additions, decks, etc. also require a Becker County permit regardless of what township district it is to be built.
Voting – Forest township is a mail in ballot township so ballots will be sent to residents or voting can be done in person at the Becker Co. Courthouse, 917 Lake Ave, Detroit Lakes, MN.

Nextdoor: This is a community posting website for our area. It is a way for our -neighborhood to connect. If you are looking for items, want to sell items, lost dog, etc. is a great way to stay connected. If you have questions on how to get setup call Linda Bentson at 218-684-1234.

Township Officers: (Supervisors) Tim Holzkamm 218-573-3442; Barb Christiansen 218-573-3931; and Lynn Lindow 218-573-3765. (Clerk) Lisa Jackson 218-573-6601. (Treasurer) Donna Waliczek 218-573-2254. You can all anyone of the officers with questions or concerns. Thank you.

  • This year there will be 3 different elections:
  • Presidential Nomination Primary; March 5, 2024
  • Primary Election; August 13, 2024
  • General Election; November 5, 2024
  • Notice of offices to be voted for at the State General Election
  • Forest Township is a Mail-In-Ballot district. All ballots will be mailed to registered voters. Follow the ballot directions
    carefully. When ballots are completed, you may return it by mail or drop it off at the Becker County Courthouse. If you are not registered, please register at the Becker County Courthouse located at 915 Lake Avenue, Detroit Lakes, MN.
2024 becker county board of appeal and equalizaiton meeting
2024 road tour - May 14
  • Date: May 14, 2024
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Where: Beginning at Forest Township Town Hall
  • Public Meeting – 6:00 PM
  • The public meeting will continue at the Township Hall after the tour for discussion and planning. There is adequate size at the Hall for social distancing.
  • The public is invited to participate in the tour but must drive themselves to allow for personal safety.
  • If you are interested in meeting with the supervisors while they tour or have information to share before the tour, please contact Barb Christiansen, Roads Supervisor at 573- 3931.
2023 road tour - May 9
  • Basswood Lake Rd – 306 yards applied in 2021. Recommendations - 30 yards of class 5 on hill before Basswood Rd. Rest of road okay.
  • Basswood Rd – 255 yards applied in the past two years. Road okay
  • East Bad Medicine Rd – 740 yards in the past two years (527 then 214); Dust control on south end in 2018 and 2022. Recommendations – South end of road, reclaim some shoulders before dust control is applied. Approximately 300 yards of class 5 on North end.
  • Sunset Drive – 747 yards in past two years (492 then 255). Recommendations – Class 5 on north end where rocks are a problem. No amount given.
  • Dolly’s Trail – Nothing in the past two years. Road okay
  • Horseshoe Rd – 250 yards in past two years. Hill improved last fall. Road okay
  • Black Bear Beach Rd – About 80 yards in past two years. Recommendations –2 loads (20 yards) at Y to build up the road and beyond to cul-de-sac.
  • Sunrise Lane – 2017 gravel applied/don’t know amount. Road okay
  • Red Top Rd – 442 yards in past two years. Recommendations – Class 5 on hills (max. 300 yards). Trim a couple of trees on corner to improve visibility and allow clearance for road contractor.
  • Note: Spring grading had not been done at the time of this road tour.
  • Meeting started at 4:30 and adjourned at 5:50
2025 annual meeting
  • March 11, 2025, 6:30 pm
  • Forest Township Town Hall
  • March 18th the back update in the case of bad weather
  • The regular monthly meeting will be held Monday, Mar 10th
  • We would ask that if you use the dump to be respectful and use proper procedures i.e. recyclable material in the correct recycle bin, no construction material, don't leave garbage of any type on the ground, and close all of the lids by securing the chain. Use the Osage or Detroit Lakes sites to get rid of appliances, tires, etc.
  • Penalty for Non-Compliance of Posted Dump Rules
2024 amnesty day

Saturday, May 25, 2024
Saturday, August 24, 2024

Hours of operation
Saturday 8am – 5pm

The dump gate will be locked with an different padlock Friday from 12-5pm and Saturday after 5pm until after the Amnesty Dumpsters are removed.

Please plan your trip to the dump for the hours noted.

Recycling Update
  • Becker County has gone to single sort of metal and plastic at our site. The container has been labeled to indicate that.
  • Paper, glass, and cardboard still have separate containers.
Use of the Township Hall
  • The town hall is available for area groups for meetings.
  • To use the Hall please sign up on the Town Hall Schedule Calendar posted on the bulletin Board by the white board in the building. This will prevent overlapping meetings.
  • If you need assistance or a key please contact Lisa Jackson at 218-573-6601 or any of the Township Supervisors.
2024 Meeting Dates
2024 Polling Place Resolution
  • The Township Board has passed a resolution designating the official polling place for the 2024 election year.
  • See resolution (click here)
Township Ditches and Road Easements
  • The ditches and road easements in our township are there to provide correct water drainage,
    clear view while driving and an area for snow removal from the roadways.
  • It has come to our attention that residents use ditches to discard grass clippings, branches, other miscellaneous items and use easements to put private property. By doing this we cannot
    correctly maintain our roads while grading, mowing or snow plowing. It also hinders proper
    water drainage. Lastly, by putting personal property in the road easement area it creates a
    safety hazard.
  • Residents are asked to discard all waste properly and not in our ditches or easements for personal use.